Our Process

The traditional app building can be a long and costly process. Let me explain: Most good app designers can charge anywhere from $100-200 an hour developing your app. Most apps have many developers working on the same app project at one time. Working on a single app 6-9 months fulltime for development is pretty average. Do the math. I have a close friend that dropped $300k on a project and never even received a finished product. And that was just for an iPhone app. The Android version would probably be twice that cost. Don’t be him.

Ours is a simple 5 step laid-back process for our business clients.

Decide -> Engage -> Design -> Approve -> Promote

Let’s touch on each step briefly to clarify the process. We pride ourselves on being the only company on the planet to offer this unique branded system and we think that you will appreciate its simplicity.


Step 1 of Our Process


Step 2 of Our Process


Step 3 of Our Process


Step 4 of Our Process


Step 5 of Our Process


You know your product or service is better than theirs. Isn’t it time for you to pull away from the pack?

A great deal of the decision process happens before you even contact us. A lot of it depends on if you qualify for app development in the first place. Here are the 5 things that you will need to work with us.

  • A willingness to take your business into the spotlight
  • A beautiful website and clear brand
  • A growing potential consumer base
  • The financial ability to invest in your business
  • A commitment to share your new technology with the world

Again, most of this should be in place before our first conversation. If it’s not your lack of clarity and commitment will make the process dysfunctional and that is just not how we work. If these 5 things are in place then it will be as if your app building process will be on automatic pilot. We strive to exceed your expectations so your market clarity is a must.


Engaging with us is probably the simplest step and can take place with a quick call or email to let us know of your desire to be a leader in your field. Engaging is a 3 step process we call the CAT Process.

Call (or email) -> Acknowledge (desire & timeline) -> Take Survey (assessment)

CAT is your first encounter with us and this will give us the greatest insight into the how you would like to position your new app and your business. First, you will have to contact us in your preferred method to get the ball rolling. Tell us of what your vision is for your new app and we will inform you of our development timelines. Once that is understood, we will send you an app assessment sheet so that we can get a more complete picture of the app that you want to partner with us to create for you.


If the 5 step app creation process was a sandwich, Design would be the meat. After you inform us what you want and need from your new app you can just sit back and relax. You will get to pick from a huge menu of state-of-the-art features. As long as you are clear on those desires this step is pretty much hands-free. Get excited! The preview of your new app is on the way.


The approval process is broken down into 2 parts.

  • Your approval

During this period you will be considering the look and feel of your new app. You will get to check out the features and the design elements and we can make any preferred adjustments within our build parameters. We promise, you’ll be impressed.

  • Apple and Android Approvals

Once you give us the go ahead we’ll submit your app for publishing. Android publishing is usually a simple process but Apple publishing is a more stringent process. The most important part is that we guarantee publishing success in both marketplaces.


This is the step that most app developers don’t focus on or they eliminate any conversation about it entirely. Once you have the app built you’ll need some assistance in exposing it to the world. Not only will you get traditional support and app updates for life to keep up with technology but you will be able to take advantage of our app unique marketing tools. Some of our tools include social media samples, Press releases, You tube promo strategies, Client and Affiliate email strings, Promo classifieds, and Paid and Free Traffic strategies. And our list is ever improving.